"Please mark my listing SOLD. I am proud to announce that the Depot closed yesterday. Thanks to your website, we got it sold! Walla Walla Real Estate Company ROCKS!
Vince Cannone, Walla Walla

"I just wanted to thank you. I knew there had to be a better way to go than to hand over $12,000 to strangers for selling my home. Several times we were contacted with fear-based antics to try to scare us out of selling our home ourselves. Walla Walla Real Estate was so helpful and put us at ease about this very simple process. I was really amazed at the traffic your website produced. We never even had a chance to do an open house! We had only serious inquiries and met a lot of very nice people. This has been a great and very quick experience. Thank you again."
Kathy Gonzalez ~ Walla Walla

"Thank you so much for your services. Our house sold so quickly that we are now out pounding the pavement to find our next home. Please remove your sign so the neighbors can welcome their new friends."
The Bennett’s ~ Walla Walla

"We sold our duplex. Thanks so much."
Jeff Kreitzberg ~ Walla Walla

"Jim and I wanted to let you know we sold our 10 acres on Detour Road.
We also want to extend our sincere thanks for creating such an amazing web site."
Jim and Janie Evans, Walla Walla

"We have signed papers and are moving out. Can you please write sold on our listing:) thanks so much for everything!!!"
Scott & Jen Holbrook, Walla Walla

We are happy with the service WWRE provided for us. Would recommend them to anyone. Our experience was a pleasant one. Sold our house in four days! Thanks so much!
Jay and Wendy Turner, Walla Walla

"We loved the quick and professional service that Sandi gave us. At first we were a little hesitant about selling our home ourselves but we wanted to save the $24,000 real estate commission and we could be flexible about showing the house. A representative from WWRE came by, took pictures of the house and set up the website within a few days. It was so easy. Sandi was very responsive to our particular needs and the whole process from application to having a sign (and fliers) in our yard took about 4 days! We would use www.wallawallarealestate.com again without any hesitations. Thanks Sandi!"
Bill and Tammie Herron, Walla Walla

"All the papers are signed on our house so I guess it's time to put SOLD on our Lanette Circle listing. Your help was invaluable!!!! Thanks SOOOO much. We will use your site again; in fact, I look weekly to see if our next house might be listed there!"
Doreen Bughi, Walla Walla

"Wow:) I'm impressed! Thanks so much for all you guys did! Our house sold in about 2 months."
Brian & Kim Thonney, Walla Walla

"Thanks soooo much for all you have done for us and we so appreciate that you have added the SOLD sign to the site. We enjoyed meeting you and working with you and do hope all is going very well for you. Thanks ever so much!"
Bud & Bonnie Kinzer, Walla Walla

"SOLD!! Thank you so much for listing our home :)"
Tom & Kerri Porter, Walla Walla, 2012

"We have used the Walla Walla Real Estate website to sell two of our homes, and both times successfully sold within six months of listing it! We were thrilled with the value for service, and the team's willingness to go the extra mile to assure that our home was showcased with wonderful quality pictures. Thanks to Sandi & her team, we've sold again successfully!"
Forrest & Kristi Baker, Walla Walla

"Thanks for the service in getting our commercial property sold. We were referred to Walla Walla Real Estate by two different 'happy sellers' and it worked for us, too."
Ken & Janice Giger~Weston

"Dear Folks @ wallawallarealestate.net,
My husband and I are in the market for a home and visit your website daily. I just want to let you know what a joy it is to use your site. Unlike the other real estate sites, yours is updated regularly, and the date is always posted, so I don’t waste my time looking for homes I’ve already seen. The other sites are seldom updated. I spend a great deal of time going through the MLS listings trying to weed out the homes I’ve seen a million times, and then I never know if they are still even for sale, because I see many that I know have sold a hundred years ago! We also used your site in trying to sell our own home and appreciate your wonderful service for both buyer and seller."
Karma Webb ~ College Place

"Thank you so much for www.wallawallarealestate.com!!! We had a bonafide offer on our home the first day we listed it, and we had a back up offer 10 days later!!! Doing a 'fizzbo' through your service saved us approximately $10K. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome!"
Jar and Janie Romine ~ Walla Walla

"What a great service you have! I am not very familiar with doing business over the internet, but I decided to give it a try. Your staff was great at helping with property description and photos. We had earnest money in two days and the sale closed last week. Thank you for your service!"
Rich and Kris Eagon ~ Walla Walla

"We had multiple offers and received a full price / cash offer that we accepted. Sold in 11 days! Thank you again!"
Russ & Kris Spears ~ Walla Walla

"The staff was thoroughly professional. We felt totally comfortable with the way our property was listed and marketed, and the cost was very reasonable. We never sold our own home before, but Walla Walla Real Estate Company made it as painless as possible. And as for results? Our house sold in three days!"
Brad & Ruth Riordan ~ Walla Walla

The ad went up on the Internet on a Friday and we had a qualified buyer with a great offer by the following Tuesday. The first call we got was from North Carolina. The buyer was from Seattle. We also had many locals interested, but it sold so fast they didn't get a chance!"
Ron Wilson ~ Bothell, WA

"I thought I'd let you know that the property we had listed on WallaWallaRealEstate.com has been sold -- for more than the asking price! Thank you for your help."
Julie Mae D. Longgood ~ College Place

"We had a wonderful experience working with Walla Walla Real Estate. The entire process was smooth and easy. We received many calls the first week, due to the Featured Property page exposure. Offer and closing process was easier than we expected. Excellent service all the way.
Craig Lyle ~ Walla Walla

"What a great service! We sold our house in 10 days; in fact we had two offers the same day. We live in Pendleton, Oregon, so when it came time to sell our home in Walla Walla, we naturally thought we would need to hire a realtor to show the property. Not so!! With the help of your service, we were able to provide great information and pictures. We were able to show the house to serious buyers and not waste driving over for the mildly interested buyer. We also saved thousands of dollars in commission. You have a great product and you are very professional folks to work with. Thanks!"
Cheryl Scholl and Michael Lasher ~ Pendleton, OR

"The final papers were signed today for our property on Gose. Wow, 6 1/2 weeks from listing to signing! Thanks for all your help."
Cheryl Scholl ~ Walla Walla

"Hi! We got an offer on our house the Monday after it went on the web. Fantastic! Saved us $15,000 in commissions. Thank you!!! Please put 'Sale Pending' on the add.
Have a great day!"
Kati Toms ~ Walla Walla

"What a pleasant experience!!!! We had our home listed at wallawallarealestate.net for 5.5 weeks and then had FOUR offers within 36 hours. We saved THOUSANDS. It was simple, and the people were friendly and helpful. Thanks. We'd do it all over again."
The Koski's ~ Walla Walla

"Yea! We sold our house. Thank you so much for your help. Can you put sold up on our web page? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
Renee Ness ~ Walla Walla

"Hello there. We received great news! You can change 'SALE PENDING' to 'SOLD.' We are due to close around Dec. 15. Thanks for everything. In just 1 1/2 months our house sold. How wonderful is That?!!"
Mindy and Stephen Birdwell ~ Milton-Freewater

"Just wanted to say thanks for your help and services... we've sold our house! It closed yesterday without a glitch, and we're in the process of purchasing another home you have listed! :) Thanks again and have a great holiday!"
Kristi & Forrest ~ Walla Walla

"We have accepted an offer on our house and should close within three weeks. Thanks for your help with this. You could add a 'Sale Pending' to our site."
Pete and Midge Crawford ~ Walla Walla

"Our house is sold! This whole process couldn't have been more painless.
Thanks so much!"
Penny Chadwell & Jon Martin ~ Walla Walla

"You can mark SOLD on our property on Francis Avenue. I cannot believe how fast this property sold and with such great response from your website.
Thank you!"
Michelle Montgomery ~ Walla Walla

"Yes! It is all soon to be over! Please post both our properties (and the lots) as SOLD! We close this week on everything. Thank you so much for your service. It has been a real pleasure working with you."
Shannon DeBeaumont ~ Walla Walla

"I just wanted to let you know the great news. I purchased a home on Ellis Court, Milton-Freewater, which I saw on your Web site, and I sold my home within five weeks of listing it on http://www.wallawallarealestate.com! Both homes will close on Monday. Both parties are very pleased with the results of your service. Please keep up the good work!"
Delphine Palmer ~ Milton-Freewater, Oregon

"Hi! We successfully closed our home and are now in Pocatello, Idaho. We sold our home in five days! Thanks for all you did for us!"
Wayne and Julie Hardinger ~ Pocatello, Idaho

"We have completed a sales agreement on our home on Newell. It was a cash offer with no conditions. The sale came through your web page. The couple are from Salem, OR. Thank you for services. (You are welcome to put a 'sold' sticker on the sign if you wish.)"
Fred Palmer ~ Walla Walla

"Hi! We 'Sold' our home in 5 days. Just waiting to finish the appraisal & paperwork! Thanks!"
Wayne and Julie Hardinger ~ Walla Walla

"Just wanted to say thanks for your service. Our house was on your sight for less than 18 hours before we accepted an offer on it for our full asking price. Within 2 days we had 8 other parties waiting in line in case the 1st offer fell through. Using your services made the whole process painless. Thanks again!"
Aaron & Kris ~ Walla Walla

"Hello! It looks like we are going to close our home on the 15th just like we planned. Your service really works. We had a lot of interest. We would recommend anyone to use your service; very professional and quick. Another home sold by owner!!!"
Anonymous ~ Walla Walla

"Hi! Just wanted to let you know we are scheduled to close on Monday and the movers will be here tomorrow. Thanks so much. It was a great experience using your site."
Dan & Debbie Kleinhesselink ~ Walla Walla

"Thanks for the service. We were able to sell our home within 2 weeks of listing on your site. We got calls from as far away as Hood River, Oregon. We sold and purchased our new home FSBO using your site and would recommend your company services to friends in the future. Thanks!"
Tina Kain ~ Milton-Freewater

"Hi! Just letting you know that our home on Studebaker Drive has sold--to folks who just sold thier home on Chestnut Street by using your Web site. Thanks for providing a great service!"
Janet Moore ~ Walla Walla

"Thank you Walla Walla Real Estate.com! Because we used your service, we sold our house on Tietan Street in only a month's time. The closing took only a week and was really easy since the title company did all of the hard work for us. Thanks again!"
Darrell & Shari ~ Walla Walla

"I'm thrilled to tell you we have a "Sale Pending" on our house. We have not advertised in the paper at all since last September. The buyer found it on the Internet. Thanks so much. Do you have a 'Sale Pending' sign? Thanks."
Dan & Debbie Kleinhesselink ~ Walla Walla

"Just wanted to tell you we accepted an offer on our Frog Hollow house. We are supposed to close on April 1. So if you want to put a sale pending or sold on our listing you can. Just thought you would like to know, we also made an offer on another for sale by owner home on Earl Lane, and we hope to close around the first of April on that one also. Thanks for everything."
Kathy and Bruce Webb ~ Touchet, WA

"Escrow closed Friday on the sale of our condo, and the whole transaction went very smoothly! I had been told by several people that your website worked really well, and now I know from personal experience that it's true -- our condo went up on the website just before Thanksgiving, and before Christmas we had it sold. You were very helpful and easy to work with. I've been telling anybody who's interested that it's the best way to sell real estate in Walla Walla. Thanks for everything!"
Kitty D'Antonio ~ Mercer Island, WA

"We have appreciated your web site; thank you for this service!
We had a cash offer on our home in just 2 weeks time. Please change our status to SOLD!!!"
David & Heidi Lindstrom ~ College Place

"Thank you so much for providing this wonderful service. We have sold our house and will be closing in a few weeks. Please change our status from 'Sale Pending' to 'SOLD.' Thanks for everything!"
Chris and Debra Gilbreth ~ College Place

"Yay! We are to close the first of next week. Our buyers were from Colorado. Your website was our only link to them. Thank you so much!"
Shannon DeBeaumont ~ Milton-Freewater

"We have found a buyer for our house! We will close in a week and it is a cash deal. This was by far the most painless property sale we have ever done. Your company rocks!"
Peter & Midge Crawford ~ Walla Walla

"Dear Walla Walla Real Estate.net,
My house on South Wilbur as of today has a sale pending; please post this on your website. Thanks for your help and great advertisement!!!! My $200 investment was well worth it!"
Dawn Canfield ~ Walla Walla

"Well, what can I say . . . your site works! We've got a sale pending on our house, and it only took two and a half weeks. Not too bad! So, please put a 'Sale Pending' sign up on our listing.
Thanks so much!"
Kama Wilson ~ College Place

"Thank you again for being the instrument by which we sold our property in Dixie, Washington. The photography was well done, and the services provided were excellent. We have recommended your business at every opportunity. Who needs a realtor?!"
Dewayne and Elane Harrie ~ Fallon, Nevada

"Another success story! Our house closes on June 1st for a family in Anacortes. We showed our house to families from California, Tennesee, and elsewhere. Our back-up offer was from Brussels, Belguim! Your web site travels the globe. Thank you for your wonderful service."
Bob & Sue Westergard ~ Walla Walla

"Hi! Just wanted to let you know that we have a sale pending on our home on View Drive. Actually, we had a full-price offer the first week we were on the web site, but didn’t want to discourage any lookers just in case the deal fell through. We now have a backup offer, so we are feeling pretty confident! Your site has brought us so many people. The first day we had 10 phone calls to return! We are so happy with the results, that we have recommended your site to the people who have made a backup offer. They are planning to use Walla Walla Real Estate to sell their home.
Thanks so much for all your work—you are providing a great service!"
Dennis and Kathi DeBroeck ~ Walla Walla

"We were listed for seven days, had one open house with nine couples expressing interest after viewing our condo, and then a cash sale! We are enthusiastic with the results of on-line FSBO listing. Go for it folks . . . you can't loose!"
B. Preas ~ Walla Walla

"I've sold my house on Pearson Street, after just two weeks of listing with Walla Walla Real Estate!!! I received a tremendous amount of interest from my ad on the internet, and very little from the one ad I placed in the newspaper. I expect to close the sale the first of April. What a great experience!! I wouldn't hesitate to sell again using Walla Walla Real Estate. Thanks so much for your help."
Sue Littlefield ~ Walla Walla

"Please put 'Pending' on our lawn sign and on your website, too. Now that we have a buyer, we don't need to get all the phone calls your site generates! We found a buyer in just 4 days, and after our buyer made an offer on our house they sold their house on your website in just 5 days! I have already told all of my friends about how well your website works!
Thank you!"
BOB & CC HIER ~ Walla Walla

"Please put 'SOLD' on our Alvarado Terrace home. We had an offer and a closing within less than a week of each other. Thank you so very much for all your help. Your web site provides a great service. We enjoyed the process and the title company took care of all the paperwork, making this process go very smoothly. This is the second home we've sold on your web site, and both of them sold to out-of-town buyers. You are doing a great job getting your web site out to the public!"
Loriann Dyer ~ Walla Walla

"You can actually mark "SOLD" on our home on Hobson - it will close this coming week! Thanks again for your services - we were completely satisfied!"
The Carrera's ~ Walla Walla

"Big news . . . our home on Howard Street is sale pending. We got a cash-to-close offer! We were asking $244,900, and they upped the antie to $250,900 to get it closed fast. Our buyers are the new [physicians] in town. They had all their paperwork in order and their proof of financing. We will be closing in 60 days or less! Thank you so very much for your service! Please put 'Sale Pending' on our ad and I will let you know when we can put it on as offically SOLD!"
Loriann Dyer ~ Walla Walla

"We had to relocate from Walla Walla quickly. We immediately went with WallaWallaRealEstate.net because we had heard such great things about their service. Once listed, we were showing our house 2-3 times every other day, and it sold within 3 weeks. It was a great experience and we have told everyone we know in Walla Walla about the great success we had using WallaWallaRealEstate.net. Thank you!!!"
Kelli and Shawn Stockford ~ Vancouver, WA

"We knew we had a great house for the market, but we were totally taken by surprise when our house sold in three days. Thank you for your help and thank you for providing such a great, affordable and invaluable service for the Walla Walla Valley."
Dave & Jen Warkentin ~ Walla Walla

"We have sold our house . . . just two weeks after listing it! Thank you for your service."
Melanie Blazer ~ Walla Walla

"I had my property listed with a real estate company for six months but had no luck, so I decided to go with WallaWallaRealEstate.net. Within two weeks of listing it on the Internet, I had two qualified buyers interested, and I sold it to the highest bidder. For anyone who is interested in saving money by selling their own home, I recommend using WallaWallaRealEstate.net; it's a much more professional way to go than just putting a sign out in your front yard."
Tom Baslee ~ Walla Walla

"Using www.wallawallarealestate.net works. I have had three solid offers and the property sold 25% higher than my asking price. Why use conventional brokers? Thank you WallaWallaRealEstate.net!"
Joe Park ~ New York, NY

"The advertisement for my house went up on WallaWallaRealEstate.net on a Sunday afternoon. I had an Internet buyer for my house on Monday. It took just one day to sell my house using your service! Thanks."
Bill Tennent ~ Walla Walla

"After two years of unsuccessfully trying to sell our home using conventional real estate agencies, we decided to try WallaWallaRealEstate.net. Within hours of listing our property on the Internet, we were receiving inquiries from all over the country. We had potential home buyers come by to see our house from such varied places as Washington D.C., Maryland, California, Florida, Louisiana, and of course from all over the Pacific Northwest. All of these people had previewed our property on the WallaWallaRealEstate.net web site. Within three weeks our house had sold, and we got our full asking price. We saved over $9,000 in commissions, which we used to make improvements to our new house! Thank you, WallaWallaRealEstate.net!"
Scott & Natalie Tibbling ~ Walla Walla

"Hi. Thanks to your advertising and sprucing up our ad we got our property sold. They put down earnest money on the 20th of May and final papers were signed on June10. Please put SOLD on our property and as of Thursday, June 13, you can remove your sign because the new owners will take over on that day. Thank you for all your hard work. Your site sold our property. Thank you."
Peggy and Guy Simpson ~ Walla Walla

"Hi, just wanted to let you know our house has sold. We sailed through the process trouble free and could not believe the response we got from our ad on www.wallawallarealestate.net. We have highly recommended you to everyone. Thank You."
Diana Arand ~ Walla Walla

"RESULTS!! We have a buyer for our home on Olive St. already [just two weeks]!!! So you can put 'SOLD' on the sign at the property and on the internet as well. I am amazed at all the responses the ad on Walla Walla Real Estate.net brought us. Thanks!!!"
Jan Ness ~ Walla Walla

"After two years with two different real estate companies, Walla Walla Real Estate.net helped us sell our home in Dayton ourselves in less than six months! Walla Walla Real Estate.net offers a great service that's very professional. Thanks!"
Frank & Lynne DeAbreu ~ Dayton, WA

"My house on Alder Street has sold, and I got my asking price! I had people from all over the country call me. Individuals who were relocating from Florida, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. made arrangements to come by and tour my home when they were in Walla Walla. There was so much interest, I honestly believe I could have sold my house ten times over. You guys offer a great web site to people in our area. The whole process was so easy, I would not hesitate to buy or sell a house by owner again! Thanks!"
Marcia Middleton ~ Walla Walla

"We have used WallaWallaRealEstate.net to advertise three homes in the WW area. We received calls from all over the US. More importantly, we received offers on each house and sold the homes in less than 60 days. The service works! It is reasonably priced and the suggestions given are practical and right on."
Don Coleman ~ College Place

"I am writing to say that I have accepted an offer on my house on Alder. It is going through the title company and hopefully should be closing Mid-October. The people who are buying it saw the advertisement on your web site. Best investment I ever made was to go with you guys. Thanks for your help."
Scott Baird ~ Walla Walla

"Just wanted to let you know we have a pending sale on our property on Lewis Peak Road. If all goes well we should close [soon]. So thought you might like to put a pending sale across the ad. Thanks for all your help on the sale of this property!"
John & Teresa Duncan ~ Dixie

"Could you put a sold on our house on SE 6th Street in College Place? It only took 2 1/2 weeks to get an offer!"
Jim Salyers ~ College Place

"It worked quickly and easily! I got more interest for my property from my Walla Walla Real Estate.net web page than from any other method."
Carl Sullivan ~ College Place